When she left you in the nursery as a baby, her heart broke million times. She shrieked and cried more than you.

When she walked you to the school, holding your tiny hand. She was more nervous than you.

When you got hurt, she felt the pain.

When you fought with your friend, she was by your side without the listening the entire tale.

When your exam result came, she was the one getting anxious.

When you returned from the party late, she woke up the night worrying about you.

When you were burning in fever, she couldn’t breathe the whole night.

When you got your trophy, her heart swelled with pride.

When you made your first boy friend, she accepted that with joy.

When you made it to the college, she was more excited than you.

When you got your first job, she could not contain her pride.

When you chose to marry, she stood by your side.

When you were having your baby, she was worried sick about her’s.


From the time, I breathed my first, I have been your heart beat.

From the time, I saw you first, you have been my world.

There is nobody like you, mom!

Will You Remember Me?

If no road leads you to me,

Will you fly to me?

If no map takes you on the road to me,

Will you still reach me?

If I never respond to your call,

Will you still call me?

If I see you and ignore,

Will you still smile to me?

Will you remember me when you are shining bright ?

Will you remember me in the moonlit night, holding Champagne on the deck with a pretty lass around your neck?

Will you remember me driving Ferrari on the winding roads in Peru.

Will you remember be sailing in the high sea?

Will you remember me……….. when you have it all and between us all is gone.

Will you?

Yesterday Gone Too Soon

It was only yesterday, I walked in the school holding my papa’s hand.

It was only yesterday, I scribbled my teacher’s face on my friend’s pad

It was only yesteday, my sister packed my school bag.

It was only yesterday, I got hit by basketball on the head and fainted in the court.

It was only yesterday, I was sitting nervous on the wooden desk taking board exams.

It was only yesterday, I walked in confidently in the college and my seniors took me as their senior.

It was only yesterday, my car got punctured in the middle of the night.

It was only yesterday, I toppled from the boat while river rafting,

It was only yesterday, I kissed for the first time, sitting in the car.

It was only yesterday, I walked in my first office, excited with the prospect of what future holds for me.

It was only yesterday, my friend escorted me to my wedding.

It was only yesterday, my boss hugged me tight after a fight.

It was only yesterday, I moved city for the first time in 30 years.

It was only yesterday, I walked on the beach in Cannes.

It was only yesterday, almighty blessed me with the cutest little soul.

It was only yesterday, social media happened to me and now you know it all.

It was only yesterday………

Scars – Tell a Tale


Every scar has a story to tell. All you have to do is look closely. The intensity, the colour, the roughness, the pattern, the length, the dept will reveal insight into what went into the life of an individual. The mark could tell beautiful stories of childhood. The mark could tell about frivolous fun of the youth. The mark will narrate tales of bravery. The mark will reveal the foolish times………….. look closely and it will tell you all!

The Driver

Hi everybody,

It’s been a while since I have written anything, got in touch with you.

From today onwards I will be sharing a piece of my life, my journey on a daily basis with you.

I don’t know if that will interest you but I would love you to be a part of my life.

Recently, we visited Mamallapuram, it’s a temple city on the bank of Bay of Bengal near Bengaluru, we were staying amidst the ancient temples. The town is popular for stone statues. So while coming back we thought of buying one as a memoir. We asked our driver to stop by at a shop near the ancient temples. He suggested that the statues will be expensive in the shops situated closer to temples as the shopkeeper will try taking advantage of the unaware tourists. So he recommended another shop at a distance.

We stopped at another shop and got down to buy a statue. They were made of different kind of stones and were very heavy. The shopkeeper spoke Kannada and Telugu, we knew none of the languages. I was banking upon the driver to negotiate with him as I was unable to communicate. After I told my price to driver, the driver spoke to him for couple of seconds and told me that the guy is not ready to negotiate as the statute is made of green sand stone, which is rare. Negotiation is a part of any deal in India, so it was difficult to believe that there was no scope of negotiation on that statue.

I chose a different, smaller statue and negotiated myself, without knowing the language, I brought down the cost by 20 percent.

Meanwhile, my daughter was playing in the shop with a frog made of stone. She insisted on buying it but I saw no value in it, so I kept it back. We took our package and came back to our car.

In the rear view mirror, I saw the driver talking to the shopkeeper.

The first thought which came to my mind was that he was taking his part of the deal since he brought us to this shop, kick back for the statue. I was really angry and agitated as he brought us to his preferred shop, did not negotiate and on the top of it, he was making money out of the deal. I thought of taking it up with him.

He came towards the car, took his seat on the steering wheel, turned around and handed the stone frog to my daughter.

I was surprised and ashamed of myself. In that moment, he rose so much above me.

How tainted are our brain, that we refuse to see good in people. We are so consumed by our own negativity that we perceive the world to be negative. We see, what we want to see. We believe, what we want to believe. How often, we are far from the truth.

The driver, whom we have never met before this trip and whom we will never see again, chose to make my daughter smile. I, well learned, well-educated, chose to see negative in a positive situation. Such are human beings!

What has age to do with living ?

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the lady sitting next to me discussing the exact shade of pink she wanted, before that I have not paid attention to her. She was oriental, speaking clear english and looked well in her 60’s. Her feet dipped in water and hands lathered in cream, she was demanding some bubble gum shade of pink for polishing her nails. Actually it was the precision of the shade that captured my attention, I am hardly fussy about anything, least of all make up. She was wearing blue denim dress, hair coloured in brown with golden streaks and was taking keen interest in her pedicure and manicure.

At the far end, another old Brit lady in red and white dress was getting her nails painted in red. She looked of the same age as the lady sitting next to me. Which made me think why is that people abroad don’t change much with age ? Why their dressing style remains same? Why their lifestyle remains same? Why their interest in life doesn’t alter much as compared to us Indians?

We are too bothered about what society thinks of us and our entire life is pre determined by society even before we are born. As a girl you have to behave a certain way, as married woman you have to behave another way, as a mother you need to forget your existence and have to be all compromising and giving, as you age your dress style should sober down, even the choice of colours should change with age. How will a 55-year-old woman look in a denim dress????? Aren’t they meant for teenagers? Your entire lifestyle changes with age whether you want it or not.  And a lot of this is true even for men.

As individuals, when we grow we get exposed to life, we mature so naturally a lot changes within us. Biologically and physically we get weaker with time thus our interest level might dip in physically intensive activities. But if everything around you is going great, will you lose interest in all good things in life just because you are 60???? Like music, movies, dressing up, travelling, friends, parties, shopping, sports. Will you lose interest or are you expected to lose interest?

Role of Destiny

Why is it so difficult to find what you are really seeking? You will find everything but that, it will come so close and you will miss it or it will just walk away. From a very tiny desire to your ultimate goals in life requires hard work. Why? Why can’t you just be destined to have what your heart desire, why is only that particular thing need so much dedication, hard work, while everything else is a cake walk. Ever wondered, why?

I have heard tigers are majestic. When he walks, there is a sense of power and control. He oozes confidence and arrogance. When he is on the road, it’s the man who gives him the way, tigers never change their path. So, we made a plan to watch his majesty in the real life. Thus, started our journey…

Our first visit was to Sariska National Park in Rajasthan. Authorities had recently moved in 4 tigers from another wild life century for breeding purpose. The probability of tiger siting was high because the vegetation was not so dense. It was our first ever wild life safari, so we were super excited and had loads of fun though we didn’t spot any tiger.


A year later, the lure of tiger siting took us to Corbett National Park in Uttrakhand. Corbett is one of the most wide-spread and thick national park. Man is banned from entering a large part of it to preserve it’s wilderness. Tigers are difficult to spot but in Corbett pretty much everything is difficult to spot besides monkeys as it is extremely dense. So we spotted nothing, not even the regular animals like deer, cows, monkeys, beer, crocodile etc.

Next, we went to Ranthambore in Rajasthan. It is to be noticed here, that everybody who goes to Ranthambore, spots tiger but we had little faith on our luck, so we came up with a master plan. We planned to do three safaris. One early morning at 5.00, when Tiger might just be up for his morning walk. Next, in the evening, when he might just be strolling around in his area checking out female counter part. And if we fail to spot in both, probability of which was very high. We would go next morning again. Now, here comes the role of destiny. The group of tourist who went after us in the morning spotted tiger. The group of tourist who went half an hour before us in the evening spotted tiger. A photographer who was staying in our hotel, who was not even looking for tiger, spotted tiger. A tourist group who was waiting near the entry gate, spotted tiger as tiger came strolling towards the gate. Only people who didn’t spot tiger was, us despite all the earlier planning and multiple safaris.

Back to what I was saying, at times you just have to work extra hard to attain what you want. There may not be a valid, acceptable reason for it but don’t give up, try harder, try smarter

We are not giving up yet, there are many jungles left to explore!

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