A Note to My Baby

My baby is 4 and she attends a Montessori school, recently there was an activity in the school where by parents were asked to leave a message for their kids.

The school asked the parents to pen down what they want their kids to learn and achieve in the current academic year.

The question made me think and wonder what is that I want her to learn and achieve? Colours? Numbers? Alphabets? Language? Yoga? Tennis? Martial Art? Pottery? Painting? Music?

I couldn’t really zero down on anything. I kept wondering, what is that one wants from life? What is that one should learn to make life successful and beautiful?

I am sure the little one will learn umpteen subjects through her journey of school and college but what should be the base of all?

I realised that no school teaches you to be happy, to laugh, to love, to be carefree, to explore, to wonder, to dream and I want her to learn all this.

So, I penned down this message for her –

Dear Amaira,

May you bloom like flowers, shine like sun and be kind like spring.

We wish, you see beauty in everything you do.

Laugh and love from the bottom of your heart.

With lot’s of love,

Mommy and Papa

I wish she runs through woods like wind.

I wish she swims in ocean like fish.

I wish she wander in mountains like mist.

I wish she fly in sky like clouds.

I wish she lives a very care free, loving, uninhibited life!

What about alphabets and numbers? Well, all that is secondary.

If you learn to love your life, you will find your way in life!

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