The Vulgar Act of Breast-Feeding

Yesterday, in an upscale Bengaluru restaurant, a woman was dinning with her family, while in the middle of the dinner she noticed that the woman on the adjacent table was breast-feeding her baby and it made her so uncomfortable that she walked up to her and objected to her feeding in the public place. To save herself from the discomfort, she suggested the other lady to feed the baby in the restaurant wash room, instead of the dinning area.

A woman felt uncomfortable about another woman breast-feeding her baby publicly!

And there are many men who see sensuality and vulgarity in the act of breast-feeding.

Let me tell you what goes on while breast-feeding a baby. No matter how strong a woman is she is not prepared to lactate, milking doesn’t come naturally to her as she is not a cow.

The moment a baby is born, he/she needs to be fed, no matter the mother have had a normal delivery or cesarean, she is suffering from vagina tear, tail bone dislocation or is bruised and is in excruciating pain she will garner the strength and sit up to feed the baby. Now, does that look like a vulgar act to you?

Nature has made a women in such a magnificent way that when time comes she is able to endure pain. While feeding a baby, her nipples gets bruised, nipples’s skin gets chapped, they become sore, they even bleed but none of this stop her from feeding her hungry baby. Does the act seem sensual to you?

From the time baby is born, the baby becomes priority. It doesn’t matter how is the mother feeling? She is in a good mood or feeling low? What is she doing at that point ? When the baby is hungry she will leave everything and feed him/her first. Sometimes she has not eaten since morning as she was caught up in some chores and as soon as she sat on the dining table to eat her baby wails for food, and another time she was attending an important call and her baby shrieks in hunger, and there are times when she is in a washroom and her baby goes restless for feed, and there are times when she is exhausted and just wants to hit the bed after a long day at work and the baby asks for feed. No matter what situation she is in, she is going to drop it to feed her baby first as she will not be able bear the baby crying. Does this selfless act of hers, makes you uncomfortable?

My baby was three months old, when I travelled with her for the first time from Delhi to Mumbai. She was completely on breast feed and had never been given top feed. Situation demanded and my family suggested that I put her on the top feed as it will be easy for me to travel. I objected and stuck to my principles. I obviously wasn’t aware off the kind of dedication it will take and where all I will need to feed her.

Since the time I have stepped out with her for the first time, I have fed her in the cab on the way to the airport, I have fed her at the airport baby care rooms, I have fed her in the airplanes. I have fed her in the restaurants, in the cafe, in the baby care room in malls, in the cabs, in the changing room in Fab India and various other stores. Once I have even fed her in the Taj Lands End, Mumbai boarding room (because they didn’t have baby care rooms) . And other time I have fed her sitting on the rickshaw during a bird watching safari in Bharatpur Sanctuary. While my family was happily frolicking in the swimming pool, I was feeding her sitting on the lounge chair near the pool in Goa. I have fed her on the beach.

I have fed her for 2 years  in comfortable enclosed areas and uncomfortable public places but never in the 2 years I have fed her in the washroom that is something I would have never done no matter how uncomfortable anybody feels.

If you see vulgarity in breast-feeding, vulgarities is in your thoughts.

If you get uncomfortable seeing a woman breast-feed that is because obscenity is in your mind.

If you see breast-feeding as a sensual act, you are the most vulgar human being.

A mother is only feeding her baby as nature intends her to do, she is preparing a stronger future by nurturing her/him with love and care!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Chetan Arora says:

    Very very well said Mahima … you are spot on when you say that vulgarity is in the eyes… Couldn’t agree more


    1. Mahima says:

      Thank you Chetan 🙂


  2. Hema says:

    A great essay/story/memoir. I am sure most of the people don’t mind. As you said it’s a natural act. Looking forward to more stories.


    1. Mahima says:

      Thank you😊


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