Meddling In Your Business Is Their Business

When your relatives make their business to ‘settle’ you in life, they should also mention aftermath of it. 

When I was single –  

My relatives went… get married you are already 26, like I have an expiry date. Get married, you have two younger sisters, I have to pave way for them. Hello! has it ever occurred to you that they can marry irrespective of my marriage. Get married biological clock is ticking, I didn’t even know I have a clock system set in me. Get married and settle down, I am earning my own money since 22, I am settled. No get married and get a certificate, your marriage certificate serves dual purpose. Marriage as well as Settle, big achievement in life.

So, I get married. It was easy for me, I was already in a relationship.

I have been a Delhi girl and have never stepped outside my city. I was not used to running the house. No big deal, I learned it. 

Then came the next demand. Within a month of my marriage, my grand ma called me asking, ‘kuch hai?’ I didn’t get it, so I asked, ‘kya hai?’ With hesitation in her voice, she explained. I went, nahiiiiiii, I have just been married for one month. For next one year, she followed with diligence and focus of a hawk. 

Then my relatives stepped in again….. my biological clock started ticking again. 

I had my first child. Motherhood is beautiful but nobody tells you it will turn your life upside down. Everything becomes XL, your body size as well as your bag size. Nothing fits you. Nobody wants you, you are unwelcome in any eatery because of your wailing baby. Nobody even wants to talk to you because all you can talk about is your child. Aaj khaya, aaj nahi khaya. Aaj poty ki, aaj nahi ki. Kabhi kabhi toh 6 din nahi ki. When you step out your prime concern is not how good is the food or the place your are going to, it is whether they have baby care section or not. You don’t remember when was the last time you stepped out with your friends because they are still going to office and have a routine. And you can’t step out in the night because your child won’t sleep without you and the night is the only time they have. So, here goes your chill time. 

Time goes on, your baby is two now. With much enthusiasm, your relatives are back in your life nagging you about second baby because the first one needs company.

They were not there to help you with first one but they suggest a second one, going by their golden experience you should have another child, it’s a big bad world out there and everybody needs a friend. Then she will have a friend, if she can’t find a friend in the population of 7 bn, she may have to migrate to another planet.

But it is their business to interfere in yours!😁😁

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