Lucky Kids Of 90’s

We are the last generation who used dial telephones, black and white television and later coloured television. We witnessed advent of flat screens, LCDs, LEDs and now smart TVs. We packed like hungry wolves in front of the screen when Mahabharath and Ramayan got aired. We waited impatiently for Chitrahaar and He Man. We consider ourselves very lucky when any of the Disney Cartoon got aired.

We are the last generation who used VCR and then DVR. Cassette players and then CDs. We would be over the moon, if we could lay our hands on the ‘Walk man’. It was a fool-proof girl impressing gadget.

We are the last generation who used to play in the streets. Stapoo, Gallery were some of the fun group games. During the power cuts, we played hide and seek with utmost sincerity.

We were the first generation to use mobile phones. We cribbed and cried and yet shelled out Rs 32 / pulse to receive an incoming call. When the incoming calls went free, all the lovers rejoiced.

We are the first generation to use computers. They were not as sleek as they are today. You would probably need half of your room to keep a Monitor and CPU. In case you added the printer, it would take the remaining space.

We are the first generation to drive around proudly in big cars such as Maruti Esteem, Cielo and later Lancer and now many more fancy cars. Not that there were no cars earlier, you could differentiate the class from the mass by the cars they were driving. All the bureaucrats and ministers had elephant size Ambassador, rich service class had Fiat Padmini and rich business man had Contessa or Mercedes.

We are the first generation to play video games. When Mario collected coins we could actually feel our bank balance going up.

We are the first generation to welcome internet, the revolution which has now engulfed the world. People with ‘hotmail’ email id actually considered themselves very hot.

We embraced Orkut like we were waiting for it since generations. Dating phenomena got redefined with the advent of Orkut, Facebook and now the history has been written with Tinder. The social networking sites have actually changed the way world interacts and reacts. It has restructured  the relationships for good or bad is anybodies guess.

We have lived and enjoyed a lot of firsts and lot of lasts. We have been very lucky to witness the change in the world and also live the simplicity and innocence of the gone by era!

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  1. Chetan says:

    I can so relate to this … made me nostalgic Mahima

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mahima says:

      Thank you Chetan 😊


  2. Radha says:

    We were the first and the last ones to use floppies for data transfer.

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    1. Mahima says:

      Also the pagers … there are many firsts and lasts we have seen…. grew up in interesting times


  3. Yes this is so true! Great times!!

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  4. Hema says:

    Feeling nostalgic. Remembering my first walkman bought from palika bazaar from scholarship money.
    No mention of radio!

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