How Boring is Discipline?


Last evening post dinner I went for a walk where I met my neighbour,

He: How about coffee?

Me: Thank you but I don’t drink coffee or tea at night

He: Come over for a glass of wine than

Me: Thank you again, but it’s already my bed time. I will head home now

He: Mahima, you are very boring and already an old woman

Me: Really, how? You are clearly a decade older than me

He: You live such a boring and disciplined life

I just smiled and wished him good night and walked back home.

Why I am sharing this with you is because end result of being disciplined can be very satisfying.

Being disciplined is not being boring, it’s definitely not being old.

It is, never to be sorry about anything. It is, never to have regrets about anything.

It’s a way of thanking yourself for being kind to your own self.

It’s a way loving yourself a little more because you prevented regrets and stress due to your disciplined life.

If you miss your exercise because you woke up late and this is because you slept late and that is because you had an extra cup of coffee or a glass of wine, you will be grumpy the entire day. I am talking about people who are used to certain kind of workout in the morning.

If you eat pizza instead of your regular healthy meal, you will be sorry the entire day because you know you killed your three days of exercise.

If you partied late, and couldn’t make up to the early morning meeting in office. Your boss would be angry and you will have to bear the brunt of that for some time.

If you skip your dentist appointment because you want to finish another episode of ‘Games of Throne’, it will stick in your mind till you meet him next leading to unconscious anxiety.

If you slept in 15 minutes extra, while you had a flight to catch, you will be thinking about missing your flight all through out your road journey, giving yourself completely avoidable and unnecessary stress.

There can be umpteen of these situations where you did something else while you planned something else and then you regretted it later. The end result is unhappy you.

Now, when you are disciplined and act as per the plans, the ending is usually very happy and satisfying. There are no regrets, you get time for everything and you are at peace with yourself because you are not running against situations or time most of the time.

Having said that, there are always aberrations where you want to let go off and want to chill in the moment and that’s also ok, what is life without little aberration and fun but don’t forget to get back to your routine the next day.  I think, that’s why the weekends are made!

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