Live a Little Longer


Couple of days back, I woke up to the very shocking news of Sri Devi’s demise. She is an actress I grew up watching, so she unknowingly held a special place in my heart and mind.

Today in the morning, I woke up to the very sad news of Irfan Khan struggling with brain cancer. He is young, he is healthy and has still contracted the life threatening disease.

These two incidences let me to think how unpredictable life is and how for granted we take it. It made me wonder if all the struggles, anger, negativity is worth anything because you are spending much time consumed with negative thoughts when you don’t even know whether you will see tomorrow. When I say negative thoughts, I mean the environment we live in whether it is rat race in corporate world or emotional stress at home. Is any kind stress which will further lead to some incurable life threatening disease worth taking?

In the world we live, there is nothing much we can do to avoid it completely because our world in run by external factors on which we have little or at times no control.  When we can’t change external factors whether that is people or situation, we should look within and try changing ourselves. We may not have control over people and situations but we do have control over ourselves, our thoughts and our reaction to situations and people. We can change our attitude towards these factors.

We should work towards attaining a happy state of mind under any circumstances, at any given point of time. Different things make different people happy and its ok to be different.

Know yourself, accept yourself, love yourself!

Sing a little more, listen to music more often.

Dance to new beats, dance like nobody is watching.

Read that book, you were planning to.

Love a little more, a little stronger.

Make new friends, and some more.

Travel as far, explore.

Work to please yourself.

Paint, whether it has meaning or not, whether anybody understands or not.

Hugh tightly .

Kiss passionately.

Make love as if you were scent lost in the air.

Do things, that makes you happy and don’t be sorry about it.

It’s your life and you only get one chance. Live like you want to live. Don’t live anybody else’s life because at the end you will be all alone and when you look back you should have big smile of contentment on your face.

Live, they is no other reason you are here!






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