Sky Of My Childhood

One of my earliest and fondest memory of growing up is, sitting in the garden under the moonlit sky, the vision used to be divine.

Everyday after dinner, we used to all gather in the garden to discuss the day with each other. We would sit around the round garden table with tea in our hands, some of us talking and some of us soaking the beauty of the night. On a usual day, the sky used to be clear, moon and star used to shine bright. There were times when we would locate constellations in the sky and there were times we would randomly count the stars.


Winter morning used to be breathtakingly beautiful, air would be clear and city would be enveloped in thick dense fog with trees peeping here and there. If you are a morning walk person, you would be literally walking in the clouds.

Time moved on, school got over, college got over and I got busy with work. I got too busy to admire beauty of the moonlit night. Too busy to count the stars. Too busy to locate the constellations. Too busy to notice that things were changing.

Years later, one day I was sitting in the garden recalling my growing up years, missing the amaltas tree which made way for a wall. Things looked different, something was amiss. The sky was different. There were no stars, moon wasn’t shining as bright and there was smog everywhere. All this while, I didn’t realise it because I was too busy running from home to office and office to home fulfilling a corporate dream. Since that day, I would go on the terrace everyday to locate the constellation but I could not, all was lost in the city light and pollution.

Two years back, we moved city and came to Bangalore. Here, the world was different. The sky was still blue, the nights were still clean, air was still cool, moon and stars were still shining bright. The city gave me a chance to relive the world of my childhood. To see the moon and star the way they were 20 years back!


We don’t realise the value of things till the time it is lost. Its human nature to not appreciate what we already have. Nature is beautiful and we should preserve it as much as possible so that future generations can experience and live the beauty, the way we did, in all its splendour.

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