Similarity Between Indian Kids and Electronics

Indians treat their kids and electronics similarly.

I am a kid of 90’s, I have seen advent of Radio, DVR, Walk man, CD players, Remote control TV, LCD, LED, Computer, CPU, Laptops……. One thing that was common amongst all these electronics and me, we were all sacred of my mother.

I was about 8 or 9 years old playing in the lane in front of my house. In the neighbourhood, a house was under construction. The construction iron rods were kept in a pile in the lane. Naughty, carefree child as I was, I started walking, hopping on the iron rods. Within seconds of that, one of the iron rod pierced through the flesh on my right leg and a one inch deep piece of flesh came out and blood started oozing like a fountain. I was in terrible pain, blood flowing like water, piece of my flesh hanging from my leg but none of this bothered me, what bothered me was how will my mother react.

I went back home, quietly tied a bandage on my wound and lied on the bench in the garden. Minutes later, I heard my mom shrieking. She came running to me and held my foot in her hand and screamed on top of her voice, ‘What happened, how did you manage to hurt yourself?’. The blood was dripping from the wound and my mother went hysterical seeing that, ‘Can’t you be careful ever, I will give you one tight slap and you will start paying attention’.

Now, Indian parents have this weird, possessive love. They own you completely from the time you are born till the time you are alive on this earth. They laugh when you laugh, they cry more when you are hurt. They are part of your growing up, your schooling, your college, at times even your dates and off course your marriage that does not happen without their consent, they decide when you should have children and they even decide how many children you should have.

My mom has never ever slapped me but I have been threatened more than zillion times and it has always worked like magic. Even when the time I was hurt, she was far more scared and hurt than I was but the expression of the pain even then was, ‘One tight slap’. This is common across states, religion, culture in India. Parents across the country behave the same.

Now coming to electronics, we Indians have very interesting way of fixing our electronics, just shake them up or bang them on the floor, lightly though or pat them with various intensity. Intensity depends upon their analyses of the problem and what is the problem? only they are aware. Magically, the treatment works most of the time.

Beat up your kids, they come on track. Beat up your electronics they come on track.

One formula for the problems.

PS: Indians parents are crazy, obsessive in love with their children.

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