When she left you in the nursery as a baby, her heart broke million times. She shrieked and cried more than you.

When she walked you to the school, holding your tiny hand. She was more nervous than you.

When you got hurt, she felt the pain.

When you fought with your friend, she was by your side without the listening the entire tale.

When your exam result came, she was the one getting anxious.

When you returned from the party late, she woke up the night worrying about you.

When you were burning in fever, she couldn’t breathe the whole night.

When you got your trophy, her heart swelled with pride.

When you made your first boy friend, she accepted that with joy.

When you made it to the college, she was more excited than you.

When you got your first job, she could not contain her pride.

When you chose to marry, she stood by your side.

When you were having your baby, she was worried sick about her’s.


From the time, I breathed my first, I have been your heart beat.

From the time, I saw you first, you have been my world.

There is nobody like you, mom!

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  1. Sadah says:

    This is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mahima says:

      Thank you Sadah😊


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