What has age to do with living ?

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the lady sitting next to me discussing the exact shade of pink she wanted, before that I have not paid attention to her. She was oriental, speaking clear english and looked well in her 60’s. Her feet dipped in water and hands lathered in cream, she was demanding some bubble gum shade of pink for polishing her nails. Actually it was the precision of the shade that captured my attention, I am hardly fussy about anything, least of all make up. She was wearing blue denim dress, hair coloured in brown with golden streaks and was taking keen interest in her pedicure and manicure.

At the far end, another old Brit lady in red and white dress was getting her nails painted in red. She looked of the same age as the lady sitting next to me. Which made me think why is that people abroad don’t change much with age ? Why their dressing style remains same? Why their lifestyle remains same? Why their interest in life doesn’t alter much as compared to us Indians?

We are too bothered about what society thinks of us and our entire life is pre determined by society even before we are born. As a girl you have to behave a certain way, as married woman you have to behave another way, as a mother you need to forget your existence and have to be all compromising and giving, as you age your dress style should sober down, even the choice of colours should change with age. How will a 55-year-old woman look in a denim dress????? Aren’t they meant for teenagers? Your entire lifestyle changes with age whether you want it or not.  And a lot of this is true even for men.

As individuals, when we grow we get exposed to life, we mature so naturally a lot changes within us. Biologically and physically we get weaker with time thus our interest level might dip in physically intensive activities. But if everything around you is going great, will you lose interest in all good things in life just because you are 60???? Like music, movies, dressing up, travelling, friends, parties, shopping, sports. Will you lose interest or are you expected to lose interest?

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