Strange Love

I can’t imagine raising my hand on my daughter, neither did my mom raised her’s on us but fear of being thrashed remained all through out our growing up years, for some some strange unknown reasons. Before i share more, i must clarify that my parents were very loving and caring, they still are so the fear must be originating more from respect, i think.

Years back, my neighbours house was getting reconstructed, the construction material was spread all over the lane. One day, while walking towards my house, i noticed piles of iron rods, they were bundled on one side of the lane, like any other child, instead of avoiding them and walking straight, i chose to walk on them. Just when i took my third or fourth step, my right foot slipped and rolled over the rod and i lost balance, the iron rod pierced in my right foot, it was so sharp that it scooped out piece of flesh from my foot. I started bleeding profusely. It might have pained but i don’t clearly remember how bad was that. After I got hurt, i gathered myself and quietly walked back home. I didn’t mention the accident to anybody, i went to my room, applied loose bandage and rested myself on bed, sometime latter my mother walked in and saw blood oozing out of my foot and she shrieked in fear, there was blood on the floor and bed sheet was soaked. When she asked me what happened, i was reluctant to answer as i knew i would get a nice one back for walking on the iron rods but nevertheless i told her. I was rushed to the doctor, i got tetanus injection and couple of stitches. Once we were back, my mom very patiently told me, if next time I will do anything like that i will get one tight slap.

I have a cousin who was in a habit of falling down after every few steps, she would just stumble upon some stone or trip over some object lying on the road if nothing else, she would walk over her own foot. Every time she would fall, my aunt, her mom would smack her on the back, saying, ‘phir gir gayee, dhyan se kyu nahee chaltee hai, dekh kar chala kar’.

Only an Indian mother can say and do such a thing, if you are hurt she would want to slap you, smack you for getting hurt, her unique way of showing love and protecting you even from your own self. 

Mothers, love their children all across the globe but Indian mothers are obsessive about their children and with Amaira, my daugther i have turned into one of them!

They say life is a circle, and i have reached a point where it’s repeating in a very loving manner!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kamna says:

    Your writing is very interesting. Keep writing.


  2. Elmina says:

    Well written Mahima.. Mothers are definitely the best!!!


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