Had You Met My Fridge

The Fridge has moved to the kitchen making space for the pink bohemian rack. He is upset for the rack may be good looking but Fridge has stories to tell. Rack has pretty flower shape loops and a mighty fiery Owl sitting on the top, next to a miniature Fire Station but the Fridge has magnets, some of them are pretty and some of them are not but each one of them have travelled back with it’s owner from destinations far away, carrying wonders of their land.

Whenever any guest arrives they admire the rack, the owl, the fire station but not many visit the kitchen. Had they visited, the magnets on the Fridge would have told them –

That the owners walked on the beach of Tanjung Rhu hand in hand, enjoying the sun changing colours from bright yellow to orange to pink.

That they saw the city from the dizzying height of Twin Towers, in Kuala Lumpur.

That the Pizza was massive, cheesy and yummy beyond description at the restaurant, in the  Vatican City.

That they got lost, many a times looking for unpronounceable places in Italy.

That in the by lanes of Cannes, they found Italy.

That they met artists at St Paul who creates breath taking, mesmerising work.

That in Louvre, Mona Lisa is a small painting protected by glass, electric alarms and armed  guards. They could not even get close to it as hundreds of tourists were trying to click picture for their face book wall.

That they cruised on the river Seine and Paris looked like a dream that night.

That Thai salad they ordered in Bangkok, had baby Octopus and pieces of Shark.

That they spend new years in  a quaint town, Hua Hin, in the hotel room drinking fine wine.

That the father missed his little angle on Christmas, in Innsbruck as the snow clad  town came alive with glittering Christmas lights at night.

That the Madras spice chocolates in Paris are to die for.

That in the historical George town in Malyasia, they saw colourful  dragons painted on the walls of houses, reminiscent of old world China.  

So much to tell, but alas, kitchen is  his new abode and not many will come admiring him there. Just like life, while a good heart has so much to offer but beauty is preferred many a times.

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