One Fine Rainy Day

It’s pouring cats and dogs, Delhi roads can’t take 2 minutes of rain and here it is raining for last 2 hrs resulting in water logging, jam and chaos. It’s taken Sunanda, over 3hrs to travel 6km and now few meters away from her Bungalow, she is stranded as her car has broken down. She is a resident of plush New Friends Colony, not all places in Delhi have to face the heat of the government not getting along with Centre, the colony is well maintained, clean and green, roads are smooth lined with Ashoka tree on both the sides.

Today is different, rain is creating havoc, there is water logging even in front of A-143 /2,  so the only way out is to walk. Sunanda gets out of the car and start wading through the mini pool when she hears slow whimper, due to raindrops plummeting all around her she can’t really figure if it’s a dog, cat or any other animal. Chances of other animals is quite less since Delhi is a civilised city and only street dogs, cats and cows throng the town. She looks around but nobody is in the sight, water is covering every inch of the road, within 2 minutes she’s dripping wet and now does not mind the rain. She starts combing the water, few steps towards her left she sees an open manhole with wooden blog stuck on either side of it. She walks toward it and in her horror finds a small puppy dangling from it, making the painful noice to make his presence felt. She quickly gets down on her knees, put her hand in the sewer to rescue him from the sewer flood. The puppy immediately clings on to the only hope in sight. She takes him out gently, embraces him warmly and brings him home.

Saturday being a holiday everybody is at home. Sunanda wakes up to realise that the puppy she brought home last night is creating havoc as Rob, her Alsatian and Diana, the Labrador is not quite getting along with him. Though he is tiny and scared but he is strong willed and displaying as much courage as 2 pound of flesh can display in front of 30. She quickly gets out of the bed, hearing her mother’s voice over the dog’s barking and howling. At the breakfast table, her mother announces that she need to let go of the new addition in her brood and as she is already tired of 2 dogs and a rabbit. Sunanda being in office entire day, her mother is the one taking care of the entire Malhotra family that would include the dogs and the rabbit. Sunanda knows what can be debated and what is already a lost battle with her mother, she understands that it’s not easy for her mother to handle the entire clan all by herself. As they are talking, her brother, Arjun, walks in and take the seat opposite her, next to her mother, clear indication that he is not on her side, on this issue. She just have to let go.

During the day she decides to let go of Matty, the sewer dog. With heavy heart she leaves him some distance away from A-143/2 and walks back home. Next day, on her way to office she finds him in front of the gate, remembering her mother’s sermon, she ignores him and drives away. In the evening, he is still there. Next morning, he is still waiting, seeing his dedication and fondness for her, she melts down and decide to provide for him, take care of him but outside of the house since he doesn’t have visa for the bungalow.

She instructed the guard to provide Matty meal thrice a day and to let him sleep outside the gate next to his chair. She started meeting Matty twice daily, on the way to office and on her way back. No matter what time she returned she found him waiting, he would meet her and then wander off in the by lanes of New Friends Colony. The routine continued for two years, Matty well fed by the guard grew up into a handsome dog.

Travelling from NFC to Gurgaon is getting hectic and their new Sushant Lok home is also ready, the Malhotra family decides to move closer to Sunanda’s and Arjun’s office. Pandit declares 17th of April auspicious enough for them to move. Movers and Packers is assigned and packing starts two days early, Rob and Diana gets shipped to Sushant Lok a week in advance to stay with the guard. Matty continues with his routine unaware of the development. On 17th, truck gets loaded and leaves for the new abode. Sunanda along with her mother are last to leave in their silver Honda City.

Sunanda bids Matty farewell with heavy reluctant heart and take to the wheels. She starts the car engine, presses the accelerator and drive out towards the Ring Road. In the rear view mirror she sees Matty following them, he follows them for next 5 min and then runs out of sight. Though it is Sunday but traffic is not on a holiday. Towards Nehru Place, traffic is crawling at the snail’s pace, suddenly out of no where, Matty appears next to Mrs Malhotra’s window, trying to climb up the the car window with his little paw to see his friend, mother, guardian, care taker. In the first, Sunanda doesn’t understand Matty’s affection for her mother but seeing her mother warmly smile towards him she gets the connection, it was her mother who provided and took care of him all these years, while she was away in office. She may not have given him entry into the house but he held a special place in her heart.

As the signal turns green, she opens the door of the car and Matty happily jumps in to be a permanent resident of Sushant Lok.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chetan says:

    This was incredibly touching! Well writtten Mahima


  2. VIMAL GARG says:

    yes; total fiction !


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