Cheap But Priceless

It’s a big day. A very big day. A very blessed day. My daughter turns 3 today.

I am nervous, it’s a house party for kids and elders and should be nothing to be nervous about but I am nervous. It’s a new city, new friends, new colleagues, new expectations. I have checked and crossed checked yesterday, i have called and confirmed all the arrangements. So i am hoping it to be a fine celebration. Actually, i am hoping to make it a day to remember.


The ballon guy has arrived. I have asked him to get pink and white balloon, though many will believe it’s cliche, against feminism and blah blah but i believe there is nothing wrong in being a girly girl as far as she turns out to be a strong girly girl. He is going to decorate the garden with some fancy balloon arrangements. So, he starts inflating them one by one using the machine. I think my neighbours will wake up with loud cacophony coming from his machine and before they bless my little one, they will curse me for breaking their sound sleep. He has promised 400 balloons, though the number seemed small to me but now inflated they are covering every inch of the  dinning room floor and garden. There is hardly any arrangement, they are all over. Amaira, in her night pyjamas is having ball of a time jumping all over them. In the drive way, the guy incharge of bouncing castle is trying to inflate it, again using machine but much bigger. Now inflated, it is fully occupying the driveway, so people will have to hop on the castle to make it to the garden. So much for planning. I have just been enlightened that the machine will have to run all through out to keep the castle inflated. So now the choice is ours, either we can sing and hear the birthday song or hear this loud industrial sound from machine, will take the call when the moment arrives. Tattoo artist is here, without my knowing he has exchanged his table with barbecue table which is bigger and far more sturdy hence the grill guy have to manage with small wobbly cane table. Why didn’t i think of all this while planning? 

12.00 noon, Guest arrives, in happy and jolly mood. Thankfully, one thing which has gone as planned is food, it has arrived on time, before guests. Everybody is wishing Amaira and handing her colourfully wrapped gift packets. Kids are loving the castle and have started bouncing even before entering the garden. Tattoo artist is put to use, Amairs has got Spiderman tattooed on her left arm a bit of mismatch with her white and pink floral dress, but then who says pretty can’t be strong. I have got orange flowers painted on my right arm, to go with my pale pink dress. One of the girl asked me for kid’s food and i am wondering what is kid’s food, got enlightened when she clarified that she is asking for candies and pop corns. Party is in the full swing wth kids running in and out of the garden, of the bouncing castle, of their parents lap and arms. Food is relished and enjoyed by all. Overall it’s a good party. Everybody is appearing to be having fun.

At night, surrounded by gift packets in our living room, Amaira is supremely excited to unwrap the joy and wonder these packets hold. One by one, the packet is torn open, there is a bright red dress in one, there is a little orange bag in another, there is jumping Peppa Pig wrapped up in shiny silver  paper, drum sets to wake up the sleeping neighbours, Barbie doll with tiny hai styling kit, drawing book with crayons….. little wonders are unwrapped one after the other and smile on her face is getting bigger and bigger. Reshma, my help walks in and is about to say something but then she holds herself back and get  busy in collecting all the torn papers and sheets, ribbons and bows, she selects few to save for herself and rest she discards.

Next day, it’s a regular day Amaira is just back from school and is running around the house, i seat her in the play room to feed her lunch. Reshma walks in carrying a plate of dal, vegetables and roti, she place it on table and move on to do different errand. Towards the end of the meal, she returns back, taking small steps towards us, she gives me a hesitating smile, i notice a bright yellow  shiny packet in her hand. she in subdued tone tells me that she has a birthday present for Amaira, I smiling, ask her why didn’t she give it yesterday? She tells me, it is of small amount and is very petty in front of other gifts so she was shy and reluctant to give it in front of others. I go completely mum, I don’t know how to react, i am too overwhelmed with her warmth and love. She is all of 17, her family pulled her out of school to put her to work to repay the loan they took to marry her sister, she gives away all her salary to her mother, she does’t spend one rupee on herself but she saved money to buy Amaira a birthday gift.

Amiara savagely unwraps the gift in all the excitement and find a Barbie imitation in orange dress. She loves it, she hugged and kissed the doll to show her affection while i merely smiled at Reshma’s kind and loving gesture. Nothing i would say can express what i feel. I am fortunate to have her.

Some relationship are formed due to blood connection, some are formed because of the situation / circumstances  and some are formed purely because of unconditional love !

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  1. Shraddha says:

    Very well written… loved reading it..


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