Running in trouble

I opened the car door and pushed my friend inside, there were already three of them on the back seat and two in the front. So now we were four of us on the back seat, squeezed inside Maruti 800, which happened to be a car of dignity in late 90’s. We were zipping on Chankyapuri road in Delhi, wide, clean and green as it can be. Road was largely  empty as it was hot sunny afternoon and summers was not showing any mercy with temperature soaring to 45. We zipped past another car, next I see that the boys in the other car is trying to race with us overtaking our car from wrong side and in doing so they scratched our car and any closer would have led to a large dent.

Ajay, freind of mine who was behind the wheels happened to be a South Indian gentle man, having spent enough years in Delhi, he had picked up Delhi lingo so in pakka Delhi dude style he hurled abuses at the other guy ,  your mother so and so and your sister this and that. Hearing this, other guys got further motivated to follow us and take their much deserved revenge, all bhais in Delhi love their mother and sisters and can’t take a word against them but if it somebodies else’s, then it’s a different story.

We happily unaware of what  has just transpired stopped on the next  traffic signal as the light turned red. The other car came to screeching hault next to us. The uber dude behind the wheels came out and leaning inside our car’s front window, in threating tone asked, ‘ kya bolo tu ??? Kis ki ma ko galli Di ?’ . We were taken by surprise,  this is Delhi, conversations like this can have a very nasty end. Zubin, who was sitting next to Ajay answered in a very relaxed voice, ‘ Meri ma ko’ . The dude went in complete shock and could not react , how is this even possible for a guy of his  worth to accept this. Infact , he was so shocked that he just went away without uttering a word  and the situation got peacefully handled.

One man’s presence of mind and  keeping his sanity before his ego saved us from getting into a big trouble that afternoon. Since then a lot have changed . Infact, the world has nearly turned upside down.  Nowdays, the west prefers it other way round. Troubles are welcome who cares about sanity and peace !

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