Visitor at 3.00 am?

I am cozy, comfortable and in deep slumber, it’s way past midnight but there is still time for the day to break. I hear loud gong of doorbell. In half sleep and half awake state I reach out for my cell phone to check time, it’s 3.00 am. Now I am confused, did I really hear the door bell or I imagined it? Settling on the later, I am thinking of going back to sleep when it rings again. Who is going to ring the doorbell at this hour at the night? I am not expecting anybody so I am a bit confused and slightly frightened as I am alone at home. Every day we read and hear gory stories in the newspapers, on fb, various news app so all the negative thoughts are coming to my mind. I start considering all the possible options since it’s such an ungodly hours.

Who could it be? 

Thief? He probably won’t choose to come from main door and definitely not seek permission by ringing bell.

Neighbour? May be they need help but hello, they have much larger family, 24x 7 driver and full time house help. And they definitely won’t need sugar or milk at this hour.
Can it be security g
uard? Has any pipeline bursted? Electric wire on fire? Unlikely otherwise they would have cut the power first and water doesn’t concern them much, gallons of water wastage is harmless to them  and would not require immediate attention. By the way, it had happened in the past and they waited till morning to inform us.

Ghost? I don’t think they come through doors.

Maid’s boyfriend? I think he would rather call her on cell then ring the main door bell, in case they are planning to elope. 

Then who could it be? Imagining all I could, I garner all my strength and come down from my bedroom on the first floor to open the main door. Along the way, I switch on all the lights I can find. My heart is beating at 240 and palms are sweaty though it’s 9 degrees outside. Frightened but curious I open the door and find a tall bulky South Indian dude in ripped jeans and leather jacket. He looks at me and give me a warm smile and says, ‘Madam your taxi is here.’ I am in a zombie state, trying to make sense of what he is saying because I am definitely not going anywhere at 3 in the morning. He insists that he is on time and is all ready to take the passenger to the airport. As soon as I hear that, it starts making sense to me. He mistook PM for AM . It’s 3.00 in the evening, when he is required to take me to the airport but in all his enthusiasm he is here 12 hours early. What an anticlimax, no ghost, nobody is eloping, no pipeline bursting. My sleep got disturbed for nothing.

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