What’s in the looks ?


My ears are humming. I ignore it. One week passes, it continues to hum sometimes with varying pitches. Another week goes, still not motivated enough to visit a doctor. No pain just the bird keeps chirping in my left ear. Another week got me irritated. Since I don’t know anybody in banglore, for all my problems I look towards moms in my baby’s school. But this is a unique problem nobody has home remedy , mantra or totka for it. Google comes to rescue, this is the best creation by humans after God. ‘Care for you’ Pops up on the top with 4.9 stars . It’s 1.5 km away is an added benefit. Actually that skewed my preference more then the star rating . Anybody who knows banglore traffic would know why.

I call the clinic , a male voice speaks from the other end, I ask for directions. He goes madam you know ‘hope farm’ ? I say ‘no’. He says’ come straight down from your home and take left from the forum mall’. I say, ‘but there is no left there’. He exasperated, ‘ madam it’s very simple , google it , we are there ‘. Google to rescue again. It’s actually very simple, straight down 1.5 km , no left ,no right. It’s on main road, and since nobody is interested in planning cities in India there is no parking. I park my car on main road a little away from clinic. Swing the door open and encounter a man chewing panmasala next to reception desk, I ask him if I can see Dr Tiwari, he says’ he is busy will take 2 min, aap intezar kijiye’. It’s same voice I heard on the phone . I look around and see 4 women , 1 of them is visibly pregnant and wonder if all of them have ear problems. Worried about my car parked on main road I ask him in my North Indian style, ‘ Bhiaya, I have parked my car on road, I hope it won’t get towed away’. He says ‘ Show me madam, where have you parked’ and opens the door for me. He goes, ‘There, it will get towed away, agar aap clinic ke samane karenge to Nahi honge, kyu ki police ko pata hoga aap clinic aaye hai’. I take his point and move my car in front . He goes in the adjacent shop and start chatting with the boy behind the counter . On my way back I ask him if I can see the doctor now, he ask me to wait inside . I take a seat next to a pregnant women and start flipping Femina pages, wondering who reads these magazines. Door opens and panmasala chewing reception help walks in, walking towards me he addresses ‘ Madam , I am Dr Tiwari’ , I will see you now ! I am mortified beyond description.

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  1. santvana says:

    It is very funny but it also tell how we want certain people to look.


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