Upbringing Children

Brown dust on the green leaves are telling the road is well travelled. Swirling , twisting and turning roads are taking us to Golden Temple, I think for that we would need to travel quite some distance as we are in Coorg and the Golden Temple is in Amritsar. Driver insists and is sticking to his guns and it is point less to debate with him as he speaks Kannada and little bit of English, only when he chooses to , as per his convenience. There is aroma of spices in the air, we are driving through lush green coffee plantation, pepper vines are swirling around silver oak tree . Though they belong to different families, Nature supports all of them together and they work wonderfully well for each other . Oak is required to shield coffee trees from direct, heavy rain and bright sun and pepper vine needs tall trees to climb . Beautiful balance of nature . It doesn’t differentiate , otherwise coffee would have been it’s favourite child as it yields most expensive fruits.

Sometime back, I was standing in the security check queue at the banglore airport. In the front was a lady holding a 2-3 year old boy in her arms and a little girl of about 4-5 was standing in front of them, the boy was playing with the girls hair , pulling her ponytail , touching and pinching her ear. After sometime he started hitting her with his feet , to which she got irritated and asked him to stop. All this while mother was not paying any heed, the little girl repeatedly kept telling the boy to stop troubling but the naughty boy seem to be having his fun at her cost. Couple of minutes passed , she got irritated enough to slap him on his hand , not on cheek. The aftermath was her mother slapping her right across her face as the boy started crying. Which came as a shock to me, all this while when the boy was troubling her she didn’t say anything to him but when the girl responded, she got her . So I politely intervened and asked her why is she raising her hand on the little girl, as a viewer I could tell it’s not her mistake. ‘He is a boy, he can do it, but she is a girl’ was the response, of the women who was speaking in clear english, was dressed in denims and top and appeared to be well educated.

Nature don’t differentiate, sadly humans do. Nature don’t choose between coffee, pepper or oak , it’s truly mother to all. Humans have a long way to go, even for being humans!

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