Pretty and Strong

I am standing at the porch of hotel with 4 big luggage, baby stroller, 2 carry bags, Amaira’s teddy bear which is as big as her, and my hand bag, waiting for the taxi and wondering why do we carry our entire house with us every time we go on a holiday. Driver and taxi is no where in sight. So I am counting and recounting each and every piece to be sure and doubly sure. Innova was suppose to be here 15 minutes back , I look around and see two black cars parked towards my left , one of them is Innova. Firstly, it doesn’t look like taxi and secondly, the pretty girl standing next to it doesn’t look like a driver. She is pretty, average height , slim and toned, dressed in all black from top to bottom , black adidas stripe shoes, black denims and black body hugging top, hair coloured in a shade of brown with purple streaks tucked in a high ponytail, she is carrying I phone with hello kitty glitter cover on it. She comes across as any of the hotel guest. She opens the door, smiling waves towards me. I can’t really figure if she is calling me or somebody else . She walks towards me and says ‘me take you Bangkok’.

She is a women. She is pretty . She wears makeup. She dresses fashionably. She is a high way driver. Her clothes, her makeup are not defining who she is , what she does, defines her. Though our politician would differ, they believe that women get molested because of the type of clothes they wear.

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