Mom in Mom In Law

Through out my corporate life there were hectic days, dull days, fantastic days, exciting days but what I am going to tell you is not about my work life. It’s about what happened one fine rainy evening after the work.

I end the call with triumph, check time on my newly acquired Gucci watch and choose to turn of the laptop. My laptop constantly reminds me of school bag, may be that was a bit lighter. Everyday, in my entourage is my hand bag, my tiffin bag which has 2 snack boxes besides lunch and my super heavy laptop bag. So I collect them all and walk towards the exit door only to realise it’s pouring and for Delhi standard it can be classified as heavy. Guard bhaiya comes to rescue and walks me to my car. I get drenched anyway, I couldn’t keep all the three bags and myself dry. I preferred dry bags over dry me. It’s evening time so traffic is expected but in the rain Delhi traffic choose to stand still, it doesn’t matter if it’s rained for 2 min or 2 hrs. Traffic will not move as if rain is a signal to stay put. On daily basis it takes me 20 min to reach home, but today it took me over 2 hrs, I reach my gated society only to realise somebody has parked in my parking and there is no space available in the vicinity. So I drive around the building and park it on the back side. I come home all drenched, thankfully my mom in law is at home so i am well taken care of as soon as I enter. She usually comes with her confidant, who happens to be her personal maid. She knows what she wants and needs at any given point of time and is with her like a shadow. Dinner is ready and since I am exhausted with all the driving in the rain, I prefer it in my room. All the driving labour has taken the toll on me so I doze off right after the meal.

Sometime in the night, there is knock on my door , I think it’s in my dream since I am fast asleep. Knock gets harder and I wake up with a jolt. Rubbing my eyes, I open the door to find my nephew standing on the door, in a very low voice he informs me that my mom in law is not well and need doctor care immediately. Her blood pressure is shot over 300. His words pull me out of my sleep immediately and I get into action. Firstly I check time, 11.30, it’s not too late to call people for help . I call my landlord and ask for visiting doctors number, either they are not available or are not ready to come in the rain . So I check for nearest hospital, it’s in GK. I take my car out and take her to the hospital. There is a lady doctor on duty, she does all the necessary check up and give her an injection. They ask us to wait for sometime as she wants to keep her under observation. t’s still raining outside, we are waiting in the lobby and mom in law is in the room with doctor. Mentally and physically exhausted my nephew, brother in law and myself walk to the canteen for tea. Thankfully we find some. As we are returning I see my mom is sitting on the chair and across the table is the lady doctor. They are in conversation. I am relieved to see her normal, we walk inside the room and take seat next to my mom. Within 2 min I realize it’s not an ordinary discussion, my mom has checked the lady doctors family background, her education qualification, her sibling details, her interest in religion and all other details you are interested in when looking for prospective dulhan. As soon I realize where the conversation is heading I get up smiling and walk out of the room to inform my brother in law about the development before the marriage date is fixed.

Mothers, well or not are always thinking about their children. As soon as Blood pressure came down hope to find the right girl for her son went up.  She is no ordinary mom in law, she is a tiger of a lady. She has more bravado then soldiers on the border, no high blood pressure could have restricted her desires and hopes.

For my mom in law.

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