Growing Up


When I look back now, growing up was the most beautiful time though it didn’t look like that back then. School, homework and all the discipline it demanded, getting up early, ironing school uniform, packing bags and the most difficult, eating breakfast on time. If it wasn’t for my sister, I would have missed school bus half of the time and if it wasn’t for my sisters, I would have been on my parents radar most of the time as I was perpetually late or faulting at the easiest tasks.

Those were the days and much have changed since then. City and the house we grew up in, where all our memories and much of our relationship was build is no more same. Amaltas tree of our garden, which bore yellow chandelier flowers for years is no more there , guava tree in the backyard has made way for the water tank, lush green grass is replaced by concrete. Houses next door have gone from one floor to four. Roads which were visited rarely by a car is rarely free, today even at 4.00 in the morning somebody is hurriedly zipping past. Ground across the road where once young boys played volley ball and stung guitar has become lounging area for labourers and pan masala chewing drivers.

My beautiful house has aged, my lovely family grew wings and flew across continents to find land of there own, where they will build a new family which once again will grow up in love and trust. Which once again, will watch each other’s back, like we did.

For all the siblings !

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