Friends In Foreign Land

There is Chinese / Korean / Thai couple , I can’t figure out, they all look same to me. There are Quatari kids, 5 year old chirpy, peppy, bubbly Haya and her baby brother, Humeed who they call Masood since he is very naughty, their Philippino nanny in charge of the duo. She is 5 and goes to ‘American School’ and her baby brother who is born in ‘The America’ is going to be 3 in coming January and will join her in the same school. They have been travelling for past 2 weeks and been to Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok but she has never been to Thailand. All this information happily passed on to me in the span of 5 minutes. There is extremely straight faced British couple with their son, all dressed in Roxy hi-neck T-shirt and shorts, rather odd costume for the pool. There are few Saudi women, dressed in their attire of liberation, Burkini, at least they can swim now without the fear of drowning with the weight of their tent size burqa. There is a Singaporean family, I cant figure out if the women is daughter or wife, the kid of the family is happily dozing on the lounge chair and the Singaporean girl in her chic sun shades, white shorts and orange colour tini mini bikni top is getting photos clicked across the pool, in fact she has got clicked in every inch of the pool without really getting wet, she has also ventured in Jacuzzi for her photo sessions. Recent addition to the pool are three kids, 2 teenager boys and 1 little girl, they are on the other side of the pool so I can’t hear them but from there over protective behaviour towards their sister they seem to be Indian, every time she is venturing a little in water both of them come running to drag her back to safety.

In one tiny pool there are so many people that if all of them actually swim they would need to swim over each other, but there is not a single concern on anybodies face, they all seem to be in a very content and happy place. People of different nationality, different religion speaking different language and even wearing varied kind of swim wears, happily coexisting !!

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