Fast Learner

It’s 7.00, sun is already bright and sky is clear blue, anybody who has been to banglore will vouch for the fact that banglore weather’s only competition is European weather, that too only in summers. No Indian city can even qualify. I am on my usual route admiring neat gardens burdened with flowers since its spring and fancy cars. Audi, Merc, Jaguar ,Innova….Since when has Innova been considered fancy ?? The time I got to know it’s priced at 32 L. I am still struggling to register that. Amongst all these big houses with fancy cars, there is a house where an electric Golf cart sits quietly in the driveway.

Jogging past the cart everyday, I wonder what purpose does that cart serve ?? And why has it replaced the car ?

Never ever have I seen that cart leave its driveway, so one day when I found it gracing the parking of society club I got curious. In all the zeal, enthusiasm and eagerness to discover the driver, I waited. 10 min gone, nobody in sight. 20 min , no clue. 30 min , bright idea of checking with the guard who is busy flirting with lady guard who in turn is behaving like 17 yr old, all giggly and shy. He didn’t disappoint me as expected he didn’t know . 45 min later, I have missed my gym session so now I can wait for another 45 min before I have to return home but I was loosing patience and was planning to go when I saw a lady walking out of side gate , it’s meant for people who can’t take stairs up to the club. She is well past 70, her back hunched, face pale but with make up and is walking slowly with the help of stick towards the cart. I was standing at a distance thinking an escort will come to drive her home but as she took the drivers seat and slowly turned on the ignition it became clear to me that cart probably is easier to use then cars as it require much less manoeuvring. And may be she has learned it in recent past to be self sufficient. Lost in my thought I started walking back towards my house and she drove past me at the speed of 20 with the confidence of acclaimed driver.

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