End Of a Era….. Dhoni

Year 2011, we have all gathered in my sister’s house to watch the World Cup final. Most of the women in the room were not cricket enthusiast, but when India reaches finals it’s less about the game and more about patriotism. You want to win the game because you want the country to win and somehow you believe that your yelling and supporting from miles away could lead to that win. So here we were, occupying every inch on the bed, on the floor, on the chairs and stools all over the room , shouting our guts out with every hit, ever fours and every sixes, we would literally go berserk. Az, is not superstitious but that day, he was standing in one position towards the left of the room because that was his totka to win the cup as every time he moved the bats man faulted. India was batting and one of the finest batman got out , next in line was Yuvi , he was in great form and his excellent on the field performance has lead to previous victories. The baller on the field was very aggressive and in good form too, on the field came Dhoni to face the aggression and may be to shield Yuvi from him and save the best for later. What followed was magic as Dhoni showed what he is made of. India won World Cup !!

That day, may never ever come again . I may not experience the joy, the pride, patriotism and mass hysteria ever again . Thousand of people came on roads in their cars , on foot screeching, yelling and hooting to celebrate the win . Indian flag flew high , perched on the roof tops of the cars. Traffic came to hault, there was jam and madness on roads but nobody seem to mind it. It was all thanks to one man’s leadership and the brilliant performance of his team under his guidance. Thank you, Dhoni for the wonderful, lifetime experience.

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