Destined, Are We?

The pic is of Swiss Sheep Farm

When things have to go wrong, they will. Or will they ?

You meet certain people in your life to fullfill your destiny, or may be ‘destiny’ is a strong word in this context but since I can’t think of anything else, so let’s stick to it. We were all ready and gungoho to explore the wonders of Hua Hin, a quaint beach town 3 hrs drive away from the loud psychedelic Bangkok. Armed with US Dollars we knew we could conquer the world , there isn’t a more powerful weapon on the earth, you could be any where on the planet if you have USD you know everything is in your reach, sadly same can’t be said about the Indian currency. Thailand is a very tourist friendly country with foreign exchange counters around every meter, thinking that we went to Santorini, a tourist place, as we reach there, we discover the place is devoid of any exchange counters so while you may be loaded with USD, it’s of no use as the place is Thai baht only. We are an hour away from civilisation , some where on highway without any currency or hope to exchange it. When you least expect it and from where you least expect it, help comes , our local driver. The Good Samaritan lend us 2000 baht to enjoy the beauty and charm of Santorini. Next what happens is completely unbelievable, somehow we manage to loose all the baht along with all the USD. Till now we don’t know where it all went. In an unknown place without any money , and as smart as we are without money in the phone , we go back to the parking area and ask driver to take us back to our hotel. But driver had different plans , he was wanting us to relish the good old Hua Hin which was not to be, since we didn’t have money even to buy entry tickets to our next destination , The Sheep Farm. As he heard that, he took out another 2000 baht and asked us to go ahead enjoy. If it wasn’t for him , it would have been a very bad day, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Sometime you meet people for a reason or your good deeds in the past let’s you sail through everything, even things which were meant to be bad. So do good, it comes back to you !

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