Crazy Stupid Love


How far will you go in love? What all will you do? Will you promise to fetch stars? Never mind its impossible, promise is all what matters. Will you wait for endless hours? Will you whip up a delicious meal? Will you gift an expensive perfume? Will you buy exotic lilies?

Will you take her on exotic holiday? Will you promise the moon? That’s what normal people do, right? But i live an exciting life and what normal people do or get does not happen to me.

Couple of years back, in one of the Alaknanda society, sitting in the living room. Our house is a duplex and our living room is on the bottom floor which happens to be the third floor of the building. One of the wall of the living room is all windows, they open up to the garden with abundant greenery, few luxuries only Delhi provides. There is beautiful fresh flower arrangement on the coffee table, i absolutely love flowers and spend a fortune doing up the house with seasonal flowers. There is a regular flower vendor who visit us every Saturday and i happily get robbed by him for the flower quality is really fine. It’s evening and i have just returned from work, i make myself a cup of tea and hop on the sofa with Vogue though there is nothing to read in any of the fashion magazine but i like them. An hour later, the door bell rings, my husband has just returned from a shoot. We are catching up nearly after a week. I ask him how his shoot was? He in all his excitement informs me that he has named one of the character in his film after me. I am supremely happy, over the moon. Everybody gets flowers and gifts but he has named the character of his film after me. Such a pleasant surprise. So i ask, ‘which character is this ?’ He says, ‘the dog’. After hearing this i don’t know how to react. Me in somber tone, ‘you have named a dog after me?’ He seriously, ‘yeah i had to name the dog and your name came to my mind’. Me, ‘what ?’. He, ‘because you are always on my mind i could not think of anything else, so i named him after you’. I am rendered speechless, there are things you can debate and there are things you can’t.

The commercial was done for Dominos and the dog was named ‘Boz’, happens to be my nick name.

Love can be a tricky business. But if you have way with words you can get away with everything. Almost!

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