Changing Times

We reach golden temple , happens to be a Buddhist monastery established in 1932. There are colourful flags flapping every where, last i saw them was in some John Abraham’s movie shot in Tibet. The entrance is kind of a square , surrounded by rooms with brown and orange curtains . There are three large structure one in the front and two on left side. The buildings are primarily made in wood and coloured red, green and golden . The steps in the front would take us to Buddha.

As I move closer to the temple to meet greatness , I see three South Indian young men, one on each step posing for a pic with selfie stick, must be the greatest invention of our time or else we would all have craned neck. They are in easy breezy mood lounging on the steps pouting, turning left and right, which ever way the phone moves. As I move up , I notice a pretty face peeping out of a wooden bead curtain and another pretty girl clicking her . First the face came out, click and then the rest of her, click… click. I smile and walk inside the temple, it’s humongous and there are three huge Buddha statue in gold, fashioned in a very imposing manner. Till now, I was aware of only one Buddha but it seems my knowledge is limited . There is a green and golden pole towards left and right and I see couples happily posing leaning on each one of them. Few college kids are taking selfies with Buddha at the back. Buddha on the side and Buddha on the front.

Buddha should be very happy, he is most clicked , most shared , most liked, he would be on Facebook , on Instagram on what’s app. But may be he isn’t, he has moved out of heart and moved into the phone.

Times we live in !

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