Changing Perspective


Circa 1992, I get all dressed up in my new pink coloured Lucknowi chikankari salwar kameez. Those were the days when everybody will dress up in skirts and top or denims so wearing salwar kameez was a fashion statement. It was early evening and as i remember everybody was at home so must have been a weekend. I took my cycle out for a spin . Roads used to be empty and devoid of traffic so even toddlers could carefree ride around on their tricycle. Infact, we haven’t seen much cars by then Zen and Cielo were the hottest new cars in market. Not very far away from my house, I was riding across the ground towards the main road, happily humming some song, must have been one of the Nazia Hussain’s number, they used to be popular back then, I get chased by some dogs. As I realised, I started cycling faster but they were even faster, one of them caught on to my salwar and pulled me down. The cycle came to sudden halt, I fell badly on the concrete road with that dog still on my salwar. My legs were scratched and were bleeding, clothes were torned, seeing my situation some of the public came to my rescue and it is because of them i got saved from being dogs dinner that day. Otherwise, I would have lost a good pound from me, not the best way to loose weight. After it all got handled, dogs got shooed away and I was up on my feet, few of them found the situation some what funny and started laughing.

I gathered all my strength and my cycle and walked back home , blood still oozing out of my right leg. I reached home and went to terrace where all of my family was gathered for evening tea and as I narrated the entire event I started crying . I didn’t cry all this while but I started crying while I was telling about the incidence and the reason was not because I got hurt, not because my new clothes were torn, not because I got chased by dogs and situation could have been scarier but because people laughed at me.

If the same happens to me today. First thing that I would think and worry about is rabbies , then about taking tetanus injection , then my torn clothes. I don’t think people would even matter.

With time, while life instilled fear for rabbies and infections it did take away fear of people.

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